Student Programs - Remote Learning

1. How Does Remote Learning Work?
Students log into Daymap at the beginning of each lesson.
In the class feed there will be an MS Teams link. Click on this at the start of the lesson.

2. Are the Periods Normal Length? What about breaks?
The four periods all start at the normal times: 8:50am, 10:05am, 11:50am and 1:55pm.
Lessons (ie instruction) will last about 45 minutes
Teachers will remain on-line to help students until the end of the lesson.
Students can use the ?Ask button on Daymap to ask the teacher for help. 

3. Are all Lessons 'on' During Remote Learning?
We will not be delivering the following lessons during times of remote learning: - Student Talent Program and New Horizons (Wed Period 4) - Years 10, 11 and 12 Homegoup (Wed Period 2)

4. What if we Have Tech Difficulties?
Use the E-Form on Skoolbag 'Application for Technology Support' and our staff will be in contact.  

5. On-Site Supervision
We will continue to provide on-site supervision during remote learning for students in the following categories:

A. Children whose parents are considered essential workers as listed, cannot work from home and where no other supervision arrangements can be made
B. Vulnerable children, including children in out-of-home care, children deemed by Child Protection and/or Family Services to be at risk of harm and children identified by the school as vulnerable (including via referral from a family violence agency, homelessness or youth justice service or mental health or other health service).

Use the E-Form on Skoolbag 'On-Site Supervision Application'.
Download on-site supervision arrangements: On-Site Learning Protocols

6. How to Guides - Daymap, MS Teams
How to...use MS Teams
How to...use Daymap