School Information - Year 11

Welcome to Year 11.  We look forward to 2019 in which we will provide access and opportunity for success to all students undertaking a Later Years program of study.   We expect all students to aim for their Personal Best.  Year 11 offers a variety of challenges and experiences and we encourage all students to make the most of their opportunities.

A School information Pack has been distributed to all families via Australia Post. The following documents will need to be signed and returned at the Course Confirmation Reenrollment Night in Term 3. 

Documents for all students to be returned to the Course Confirmation Reenrolment Night:

  • Student Enrolment Information Form
  • Parent Payment Information
  • Later Years Enrolment Form 2019
  • VTAC Privacy Policy Consent Form 2019 (please note this is not required for VCAL students)
  • VCE Student Details Form (VCAL stuents to complete as well)
  • ICT Acceptable Use Agreement (students cannot use computers or access the internet unless returned)
  • UHS Athletics and Swimming Carnival Permission Forms

 Please click here to access these documents

These documents may apply to some students.

·         Edrolo Information

·         Music program and enrolment information

·         BYOD Information and checklist, BYOD Protocols, BYOD Agreement

·         Asthma/Anaphylaxis Action Plan 

·         Parent Program