UHS Vehicle Access Arrangements from Thursday 31 May:

School gates will be closed from 8am-4pm, weekdays. Construction Vehicles Access Only.

1. Student Drop Offs and Pick Ups. We suggest as alternatives:
-        Main St. then walk through the underpass, or
-        Darling Avenue. Past the Primary School and cross at the School Crossing, or
-        Tennis Club. Walk across the oval and along the bottom school entry.

2.  Need to Visit UHS During the Day?
-        Two carparks marked 'UHS visitors' can be used in the Upwey Primary School carpark
-        Visitors can access the General Office up the steps beside Year 7. Follow the 'Office' signs.

3.  Access Before 8am and after 4pm. Enter via Marchant Avenue, exit via Darling Avenue (through Upwey Primary School carpark).
-        Parking available on the top court
-        Drop off/Pick up area (as existing) is still open for business. (So parents can still use the dropoff for Volleyball in the morning, for example).

4.      Disabled Access/Emergency Access
-        The current pick up area will be used for Disabled and Emergency vehicle access.

All Year Levels Return to School on Thursday 31 January!