Term 4 Arrangements

Our 'How-to...' guides about Remote Learning can be found  on Skoolbag 

('Remote Learning' tabs under 'General'), on Daymap Parent Portal ('Remote Learning' tab) and on the website www.upweyhs.vic.edu.au (under Student Programs/Remote Learning).

What if we Can't Supervise Our Child at Home?
Use the E-Form on Skoolbag 'On-Site Supervision Application'.
You will need to complete this application by 10 pm on the previous day, so that we have time to organise the necessary supervision.

Term 4 Arrangements

(a) Year 7 and Year 11 return to fulltime onsite learning starting Friday 22 Oct.
(Year 10 returns also...but just for the day...see below).

(b) Year 8 and Year 9
- onsite learning on Tue 26 Oct, Wed 27 Oct, Wed 3 Nov
- remote learning on Mondays, Thursdays, Fridays.

(c) Year 10
- onsite learning on Fri 22 Oct, Thu 28 Oct, Fri 29 Oct, Thu 4 Nov
- remote learning on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays.